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    Congress bans import of forced labor products

    "It's an outrage this loophole persisted for so long. No product made by people held against their will, or by children, should ever be imported to the United States," he said.

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    Massive gas leak plugged; residents seek return to normal

    "I want to get back to life as I knew it as soon as possible," Walker said. "It's been horrible. You want the adjective? It's been horrifying."

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    Patient strategy pays off for FBI in ending Oregon standoff

    "This was beautifully executed," said Brian Levin, a criminal justice professor at California State University, San Bernardino. "This siege and the way it was handled will go down in law enforcement textbooks."

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    Flint crisis may help governor ease GOP doubt on Detroit aid

    "In a bizarre kind of way, it's conceivable this might work to his advantage," said former GOP lawmaker Bill Ballenger, a long-time political analyst. He noted that Snyder made both helping Flint and Detroit major themes in his annual budget address this week, and legislators could worry "they're going to start getting tarred with the same brush that Snyder is if they don't do anything."

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    Court: Facebook can be sued in France in nude painting case

    "This is a case of free speech and censorship on a social network," Durand-Baissas told The Associated Press in a phone interview. "If (Facebook) can't see the difference between an artistic masterpiece and a pornographic image, we in France (can)."



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    USA Pro challenge cancels this year’s Colorado bike race

    Richard and Rick Schaden had been financing the race with their own money. They spent about $20 million to fund the race through its first five years.

  • Sports

    Iginla scores twice, Avalanche beat Senators 4-3

    "Ottawa had some momentum going into the third so to be able to hold them off was big," Iginla said. "They've got some good offense on their side."

  • Sports

    NBA All-Star weekend highlights Canada’s growing hoops love

    "I don't want to say it was humbling, but to a certain degree it was. To go there where it was kind of a Basketball 101 for so many people," said Anthony, now an analyst for NBATV. "We all want to feel like what we do matters. It took a while for it to really matter for the vast majority of people in Vancouver."

  • Sports

    FIFA ethics committee bans Jerome Valcke for 12 years

    "Mr. Valcke acted against FIFA's best interests and caused considerable financial damage to FIFA, while his private and personal interests detracted him from his ability to properly perform his duties," the ethics committee said in a statement.

  • Sports

    Low snow causes havoc again with Iditarod

    "Our real challenge right now is trying to figure out whether we've got adequate snow to make Anchorage and the ceremonial start happen," Iditarod Chief Executive Officer Stan Hooley said Wednesday.


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Colorado Table

  • Colorado Table

    BREW NEWS: Big bet at Coda, new brews at Copper Kettle

    Derek Mitchell, a server who also works in sales for Coda, is also wagering a tattoo on the big game. Should the Broncos lose, Mitchell is getting a Carolina Panthers tattoo. If the Broncos win, Mike Foster from Triple C is getting a Broncos tattoo.

  • Colorado Table

    Perfect for the weekend _ a well-seasoned, low and slow lamb

    Happily, if you do indeed slow-roast your leg of lamb, the outside edge will become just brown enough, saving you the extra step of having to sear the meat on top of the stove or under the broiler.

  • Colorado Table

    7 steps to pairing great wines with hearty winter roasts

    "The kind of roast meats I think of for the winter meal are rich, succulent and take over your whole mouth," says Doug Shafer of the Napa Valley's Shafer Vineyards, known for its classic reds such as Hillside Select cabernet sauvignon and Relentless, a syrah blend named in honor of powerhouse winemaker Elias Fernandez.

  • Colorado Table

    Burger King’s next conquest: Hot dog king

    "This is probably the most obvious product launch ever," said Alex Macedo, president of Burger King North America.

  • Colorado Table

    Porcelain cookware on the grill? It works deliciously well

    This very simple recipe is soul satisfying and the combination of herbs de Provence, shallots and beer tastes far more complex than the simple combination suggests. The best part of the dish is the bed of shallots that melt into a ragout-like sauce as the pork cooks. You slice the roast, then just stir the pan juices and soft shallots together to make a pan sauce.

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