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    Democrats, GOP hold out hope for ending government shutdown

    "I really do believe that at heart here there was an interest by some folks in the Democratic Party to deny the president sort of the victory lap of the anniversary of his inauguration, the chance to talk about the success of the tax bill, the success of the economy and jobs," budget director Mick Mulvaney said on "Fox News Sunday." ''And I think if they get over that, there's a chance this thing gets done before 9 o'clock on Monday morning when folks come to work."

  • Nation and World

    US marches for women’s rights slam Trump, encourage voting

    People marched in Casper, Wyoming, and Cambridge, Massachusetts, and in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and Houston. In Park City, Utah, where the annual Sundance Film Festival is in full swing, actress Jane Fonda and nationally known attorney Gloria Allred joined the women's march

  • Nation and World

    Pa. Congressman Meehan denies misconduct claim; ethics probe may follow

    The story, published online Saturday, cited unnamed people who said the Republican Pennsylvania representative used thousands of dollars from his congressional office fund to settle the sexual harassment complaint the ex-aide filed last summer to the congressional Office of Compliance

  • Nation and World

    Trump’s first year in office has been a can’t-miss drama

    In his first year in office, Donald Trump proved to be a singular figure, casting aside norms and traditions, fighting with Republicans and Democrats alike and changing how the nation and the presidency are viewed at home and abroad.

  • Nation and World

    How shutdown affects key parts of federal government

    "Political gamesmanship, an unwillingness to compromise, and a lack of resolve on both sides have led us to this point," McCain said in a statement Saturday.

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    Shutdown divides services into essential and non-essential

    "Not all parks are fully open, but we are all working hard to make as many areas as accessible to the public as possible," Zinke said.

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    Sequel to Trump’s first year opens with crises, unease

    "In the second year, you no longer are one-dimensional," said Ari Fleischer, press secretary when George W. Bush was president. "There's an inevitable pivot that every administration makes, and that is to recognize that it's no longer about future events and promises, it's now about defending and promoting last year's accomplishments."


  • Business

    Colorado fines Lyft for using driver with serious felonies

    Denver's KCNC-TV first reported that Lyft driver Danny Gillette had a robbery and prison escape on his criminal record. Both felonies disqualified him from Lyft driving

  • Business

    Aurora lawmakers give unanimous OK to Bridge House homeless work program near Nine-Mile Station

    “This is not a drop-in facility. This is not a shelter. This is not a halfway house. These people may or may not have a history with the criminal justice system.”

  • Business

    IBM reports first revenue growth since 2012

    "Over the past several years we have invested aggressively in technology and our people to reposition IBM," James Kavanaugh, IBM's new chief financial officer, said in a statement Thursday after the company reported its fourth-quarter earnings.

  • Business

    Apple banks on tax break to build 2nd campus, hire 20,000

    "Apple is a success that could only have happened in America, and we always felt a very big sense of responsibility to give back to our country and the people who have made our success possible," Cook said during a ceremony Wednesday celebrating a new warehouse being built in Reno, Nevada.

  • Business

    Long-term mortgage rates rise: 30-year hits 4.04 percent

    "Inflation is firming ... This means upward pressure on long-term rates, like the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage, is building," Len Kiefer, Freddie Mac's deputy chief economist, says in a statement. He cites a Federal Reserve report out Wednesday showing that employers in more industries were under pressure to give workers pay raises.

  • Business

    Goldman Sachs posts $1.9 billion loss due to new tax law

    Goldman lost $5.51 a share, compared with a profit of $2.35 billion, or $5.08 a share, in the same period a year earlier, the bank reported Wednesday. Excluding the one-time charges, the bank earned $5.68 a share, beating analysts' estimates.

  • Business

    BOOM: Aurora, regional building big

    “Construction firms appear to be very optimistic about 2018 as they expect demand for all types of construction services to continue to expand,” Stephen E. Sandherr, the association’s chief executive officer, said in a statement announcing the survey’s findings. “This optimism is likely based on current economic conditions, an increasingly business-friendly regulatory environment and expectations the Trump administration will boost infrastructure investments.”


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  • Sports

    Sizzling Avs win 8th straight by holding off Sharks 5-3

    DENVER | The Colorado Avalanche looked unstoppable early and shaky down the stretch in nearly blowing a big lead. Bottom line: The streak goes on. Nathan MacKinnon scored twice during a 58-second span in the first period, Matt Nieto added…

  • Sports

    Clippers hang on to beat Nuggets 109-104 for 6th win in row

    "They were huge," Griffin said of the reserves. "We rely on them heavily. This team trusts each other. That's what happens when everybody gets a touch, gets a shot."

  • Sports

    Jokic’s big night helps Nuggets hold off Mavericks 105-102

    DENVER | Michael Malone wasn't all that thrilled about the lack of composure in the final quarter. Or all the turnovers. Or the shot selection. Or even the defense. Still, he won't quibble with the outcome.

  • Sports

    MacKinnon helps Avs beat visiting Ducks 3-1 for 7th straight win

    DENVER | The save by Jonathan Bernier that sticks out the most was the one where he simply stuck out his stick. Out of sheer desperation, no less. To thwart what looked to be a sure goal, too. It's just…

  • Sports

    Lyle scores career-high 26 as Nuggets beat Jazz 99-91

    "Trey, he's got an opportunity to play right now and he's taking advantage of it," Utah coach Quin Snyder said. "We felt he's a really good player. There's part of you, I'm happy to see him playing well. I wish we would have done better against him tonight. But he worked hard for us and I think we put a lot of time in trying to help him get better."


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  • Guide

    REVIEW: Romancing the original

    “First Date,” the current production at Denver Center for the Performing Arts’ Garner Galleria Theatre, is one of those shows that should restore faith in the idea that love stories can be fun. The Broadway musical is equal parts “When Harry Met Sally” and “Rent” in the best ways possible. 

  • Guide

    Good dog, bad dog … Delta wants to know before you board

    Owners of psychiatric service animals and so-called emotional-support animals will need to sign a statement vouching that their animal can behave. But owners will be on the honor system — they won't have to show, for example, that their dog graduated from obedience school.

  • Guide

    2018 should sound good

    The gyms are going to be jammed packed with people desperately pursuing a better physique this January. Instead of putting on the spandex and joining them on the treadmill, everyone can easily resolve to instead pursue better music this year. 

  • Guide

    50 shows, 5 days: Fashion says “bonjour” to Paris menswear

    Powerhouse Valentino will unveil its couture-infused fall-winter creations from designer Pierpaolo Piccioli on Day 1, alongside some lesser-known houses such as Julien David and Facetasm.

  • Guide

    REVIEW: Upper crust: ‘Waitress’ serves up a slice of fun at the Buell — 4/5 stars

    “Waitress” is a quirky but sumptuous buffet of emotions that will have you wanting to go back for seconds.

  • Guide

    Aurora Fox Arts Center appoints new executive theater producer

    The Fox announced Monday Helen Murray would take over as executive director on a part-time basis Jan 2 and would transition into full time with the Fox on July 9. Murray is currently the artistic director and co-founder of The Hub Theatre in Fairfax, Virginia.

  • Guide

    4 challenges posed by today’s long-distance relationships

    "In the online world, you have a much more impoverished set of clues," Lamberton says. "You're going to assume this person is going to remain the same as they've always been."

  • Guide

    REVIEW: The color of life is ‘Red’ paints a picture of pain

    “Red” is a pressure cooker of a show. For 90 minutes the audience is never allowed a moment of rest, even during the most quiet scenes of the script. This isn’t a nice night out at the theater, but it’s a rewarding one. This is a tour de force of emotion as Rothko and his painting assistant Ken delve into the meaning of art, life, death and fragility. 

Colorado Table

  • Colorado Table

    Waiting for Gateau: Stop restaurant servers from turning pricey nights out into tragicomedies

    If you kneel at my table to talk to me, I will knight you with my menu or chopsticks using full force. I have no idea where this moronic idea came from, but I see it a lot. You look like an idiot, and I feel like I should be in a high chair. If you ask a question of anyone at my table who just took a bite, I’ll taze you.

  • Colorado Table

    How the cauliflower can morph into movie night snack food

    Over the years, cauliflower morphed from dinner table favorite to movie night snack food, right alongside popcorn. The recipe has changed a little: I've found that steaming the cauliflower a few minutes first cuts the cook-time in half and the florets are easier to pull apart.

  • Colorado Table

    Summit undergoes operation Salvage

    The goal is to make Salvage more laid back than the Summit was, without losing the things that made it great to begin with.

  • Colorado Table

    COOKING ON DEADLINE: Mashed Sweet Potatoes with Garlic

    In this recipe, I tested with an organic sweet potato with a very pale cream interior (kind of the color of Yukon golds). Next time I might look for orange sweet potatoes, since I am a sucker for the color and it makes a holiday table feel like a holiday table to me.

  • Colorado Table

    COLORADO TABLE: Aurora bites into the top of the Denver food chain

    “I want to be able to look up and hear about their meal. When I started here I didn’t know how important it would be for me to have that experience,” Caroline Glover said. “Most chefs don’t want to be out front, that’s why we’re in the back of the restaurant. So I was surprised by how much I enjoy those moments with customers.”

Aurora Magazine

  • Aurora Magazine

    Dolor Me Beige — HOA angst in Aurora

    In a world turned tan and kept that way by a growing number of homeowner associations, some are warning others off or making sure they read what they’re getting into before the notices start coming

  • Aurora Magazine

    Day Tripper: Sure Bets Close to Home

    Central City and Black Hawk offer plenty of games and gambling, but it’s the antithesis of the Las Vegas hype

  • Aurora Magazine

    Wein Not Get The Glow?

    Made famous by the germans, this european winter standard has a variation to please everyone

  • Aurora Magazine

    Give the Gift of COLORADO

    Nothing shows how much you care about someone during the holidays like rubbing it in their face that you live in one of the most incredible places in North America. So while it’s not exactly kosher to be tossing Colorado…

  • Aurora Magazine

    DATE KNIGHT: Alley Catz

    Nothing says love like a comfortable beer buzz and a friendly game of bowling for Answers

  • Aurora Magazine

    Exit Strategy: Weird Science and a Showing a Little Class

    At the root of it all? We don’t know what in the hell we’re talking about. In study after study, Americans and students fall further and further down the world list of kids who understand math and science. The crap I hear and read on social media and in person would depress even a third-grade science teacher, whose job it is to help us first learn to think and then learn to learn

  • Aurora Magazine

    All in the Family

    A growing number of pet owners, closer to their furry family members than ever before, are learning CPR for their pets from the American Red cross

  • Aurora Magazine

    Holidays and nights

    Recipes for the best Holiday season ever

  • Aurora Magazine

    OH! Christmas tree

    Branch out into a whole new holiday experience and go hack down your own tree in the mountains

  • Aurora Magazine

    Weight, Weight, Don’t Tell Me: Can This Diet Be Saved?

    You don't get a bye now that Christmas is over. Anschutz wellness experts say there's still plenty of damage you can do through the new year by thinking you'll take care of that calorie thing — after the last cookie is gone