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    Report: Syrian government blamed for 3rd chemical attack

    In August, the team from the United Nations and the chemical weapons watchdog blamed President Bashar Assad's government for using chlorine gas in two other attacks and Islamic State fighters for using mustard gas in one attack.

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    In Aleppo, jewel of Syrian rebellion faces possible collapse

    "It's better than him not growing," al-Haj said. Potatoes, the little boy's favorite, are a distant dream. "The hardest thing about the siege is when your son asks you for something and you can't get it for him."

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    Montana judge sparks outrage with no prison time for incest

    Enacted in a wave of similar legislation around the country after the killing of a 9-year-old Florida girl in 2005, the Montana statute requires a minimum sentence of 25 years in prison for anyone convicted of rape, incest or sexual abuse of a child 12 or younger.

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    Christie aide on trial says she told him of traffic study

    Christie's spokesman said in a statement Friday night he had "no knowledge prior to or during these lane re-alignment" and "no role in authorizing them." Spokesman Brian Murray said anything "said to the contrary is simply untrue."

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    Nobel academy member calls Bob Dylan’s silence ‘arrogant’

    "One can say that it is impolite and arrogant. He is who he is," Wastberg was quoted as saying in Saturday's edition of the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter.

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    AP Exclusive: ‘High threat’ Texas border busts aren’t always

    "It's deceptive to say the least," Democratic state Rep. Terry Canales, from the border city of Edinburg, said of the data. "I would say it's shocking that a person arrested with a small amount of cocaine in Odessa is used to show supposedly high-threat criminal arrests on the Texas-Mexico border."



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  • Colorado Table

    A do-ahead Thanksgiving side: Spiced cranberry chutney

    A few years back, after cooking a turkey curry, I learned the hard way never to mess with the traditional roasted turkey, the star of the show. Since then my contribution is always to spice up the sides, quite literally. This year I've narrowed my focus to cranberries.

  • Colorado Table

    Raising a vegan baby: Parents say abuse cases give a bad rap

    "They stress the elements of veganism in these stories, but it's not that these people aren't giving their children the right kind of food, it's that they aren't feeding them," said Fulvia Serra, of Fort Collins, Colorado. The native of southern Italy is raising her 1-year-old son vegan, and her 12-year-old daughter is vegetarian.

  • Colorado Table

    A wild rice side dish that complements any meat or fish

    My oldest daughter is also a fan. Valentine is also gluten intolerant. For several years, I simply made my holiday dressing with dried gluten-free bread cubes, but we wanted other options that didn't involve fussing with gluten-free breads whose texture can be unpredictable in a dressing recipe. This Wild Rice Holiday Stovetop Dressing fits the bill.

  • Colorado Table

    World wine production slips amid rough weather; Italy on top

    "Overall, the 2016 harvest is on a par with previous harvests and the quality was good across the board," wine division chairman Thierry Coste said in a statement.

  • Colorado Table

    Why tomatoes lose flavor in fridge: their genes chill out

    Cooling tomatoes below 54 degrees stops them from making some of the substances that contribute to their taste, according to researchers who dug into the genetic roots of the problem.

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