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    Jenise May announces run for Colorado Senate District 25

    May, who formerly served as deputy Executive Director for the Colorado Department of Human Services, is a fourth-generation Coloradan and focused on economic issues in her announcement.

  • State and Region

    Larimer County wildfire forces evacuations

    LIVERMORE | Firefighters are working to stop a wildfire that forced the evacuation of some homes in northern Larimer County. The Beartrap Fire is burning near Crystal Lakes northwest of Livermore. The fire had burned about 20 acres as of Wednesday night…

  • State and Region

    Metro prosecutors pursue first repeat DUI felony cases after new law takes effect

    KUSA-TV reports that there are already nearly two dozen people facing felony DUI charges.

  • State and Region

    Vail Resorts, Breckenridge agree on ski lift ticket tax plan

    "In the spirit of compromise, the council felt this amount would be adequate to begin to work on the much-needed improvements for this vital issue for our community," Breckenridge Mayor John Warner said in a statement. "The community has been telling us that parking and transit are an extremely important issue for the future of Breckenridge."

  • State and Region

    Fort Collins raises questions about planned reservoirs

    The proposed Northern Integrated Supply Project would divert water from the Poudre into two new reservoirs, one north of Fort Collins and one north of Greeley. The reservoirs would provide storage for Northern Water, which supplies cities and irrigators in eight counties.


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  • Opinion

    PERRY: Mt. McKinley? Colorado has names for real ugly — Evans and Stapleton

    Get the Evans' name off the mountain. Stapleton was nothing more than a weak-willed creep. While poor McKinley didn’t do anything more hurtful than sign tariffs and get assassinated, Evans at the very least allowed and possibly promoted one of the country’s worst crimes

  • Opinion

    State Reps Melton and Salazar: The fear of race

    Some white Americans are just petrified of communities of color. We see the fear every time our Republican colleagues introduce “Make My Day Better” legislation or similar bills that give people a legal defense to use deadly force on any individual they “believe” may be committing a crime

  • Opinion

    QUIDNUNC: Aurora mayor gushes on city at garden party

    QUID HAS HEARD that you, dear reader, have been waiting ever so patiently for the previously promised rebuttal to Mayor Steve Hogan’s soirée outside the Municipal Center last week. The threat of those afternoon storm clouds kept Quid’s snoopers away…

  • Opinion

    DUPUY: Josh Duggar and the End of the Anti-Gay Crusaders

    Then, of course, at the same time, he proceeded to seek adult women to have extramarital affairs with. It should give hope to every child molester out there: Why settle for just being a predator? You can be a fraud too!

  • Opinion

    LITTWIN: Too few arguments left in favor of death penalty

    Two juries in horrific mass murder trials have spoken: The death penalty doesn’t fly in Colorado



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Aurora Magazine

  • Aurora Magazine

    Savor The Summer At These Aurora Area Dining Picks

    A short list of things you have to eat before you wonder where the summer went

  • Aurora Magazine

    GASTRONOMIC SHELL GAME: Backyard Eggstasy Awaits in Metro Aurora

    It’s not a yolk, Aurora, unless it comes from a chicken who gets a lot of TLC. Egg aficionados say Åconsumers are the losers when it comes to the culinary shell game that mass produces marginal eggs. See who the local winners are.

  • Aurora Magazine

    Hoop To It — Colorado’s Growing Centrifugal Force

    “It’s like if you screw up in life, pick it up like you meant to do that,” Rippinger says as she seamlessly whips the hoop from near her feet to her waist as if it’s completely weightless and just another appendage on her body.

  • Aurora Magazine

    Close Calls For The Best Summer Ever

    No need to dread those postcards from friends and family this summer bragging about pizza in Brooklyn or exhausting fun at SeaWorld. The best summer ever could be right at home. Here are five things you’ll be happy to boast about when the days get shorter and the vacation season is nothing but good memories.

  • Aurora Magazine

    EXIT STRATEGY: Road Hard and Getaway Sweat

    It turns out that we are genetically predisposed to hate car vacations with our families

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