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    Turkey releases recording of warnings to Russian plane

    The recordings, made available to The Associated Press on Thursday, indicate the plane was warned several times Tuesday that it was approaching Turkey’s airspace and asked to change course, but there is no indication of a Russian reply

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    Protesters to target Chicago shopping area on Black Friday

    For months, Chicago leaders had feared that the release of the video could provoke the kind of turmoil that rocked cities such as Baltimore and Ferguson, Missouri, after young black men were slain by police or died in police custody.

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    US traffic deaths rise sharply after small decline in 2014

    Because of the increase, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says it will hold a series of meetings nationwide to get ideas on how to counter human behavior issues that cause road deaths, such as speeding and distracted driving.

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    Afghan hospital said to be misidentified before being bombed

    The report said the crew of the U.S. AC-130 gunship relied on a physical description of the compound provided by Afghan forces, which led the crew to attack the wrong target. It said the intended target, thought to be under Taliban control and being used in part as a prison, was 450 yards away from the hospital.

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    In Mexico, fear as victims vanish at hands of police

    They had been kidnapped by police.



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