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    Poll shows giant gap between what public, scientists think

    WASHINGTON  | The American public and U.S. scientists are light-years apart on science issues. And 98 percent of surveyed scientists say it’s a problem that we don’t know what they’re talking about. Scientists are far less worried about genetically modified…

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    Tech advances lower chance that driver will die in car crash

    WASHINGTON | The chances of a driver dying in a crash in a late-model car or light truck fell by more than a third over three years, and nine car models had zero deaths per million registered vehicles, according to a…

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    APNewsBreak: Boy Scouts settle California suit over abuse

    LOS ANGELES | The Boy Scouts of America settled a sex abuse case Thursday involving a 20-year-old California man who was molested by a Scout volunteer in 2007 — a decision that will keep years’ worth of “perversion” files detailing sex…

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    Some doctors won’t see patients with anti-vaccine views

    LOS ANGELES | With California gripped by a measles outbreak, Dr. Charles Goodman posted a clear notice in his waiting room and on Facebook: His practice will no longer see children whose parents won’t get them vaccinated. “Parents who choose not…

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    White House: Science indicates parents should vaccinate kids

    WASHINGTON | Amid the measles outbreak stemming from California, the White House is telling parents that science indicates they should vaccinate their children. President Barack Obama’s press secretary says the science on vaccinations “is really clear.” Josh Earnest tells journalists that…

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    Obama calls on Congress to fund ‘precision medicine’ studies

    WASHINGTON |Holding out the promise of major medical breakthroughs, President Barack Obama on Friday called on Congress to approve spending in medical research that tailors treatment to an individual’s genes. Obama wants $215 million for what he’s calling a precision…


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  • Metro Aurora

    Aurora’s unique Colorado war memorial gets refinements

    AURORA | An Aurora memorial that commemorates each Colorado resident who died or went missing in every conflict since the Spanish-American War has only a few benches for people to sit and reflect on its transparent glass panels etched with…

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    Man who shot Aurora cop in November said he “was scared and had no choice”

    BRIGHTON | A man accused of shooting an Aurora police officer late last year told his brother he had no choice other than to open fire as two officers approached him during a traffic stop, according to court testimony given by…

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    Partisan divide evident over Colorado birth control program 

    DENVER | Democrats and Republicans are headed toward a clash over Colorado funding for long-acting reversible contraception such as intrauterine devices, which the governor and health officials credit for reducing the state’s teen pregnancy rate. Legislation expected to be introduced Friday would…

  • Metro Aurora

    Judging how sick is too sick to serve on the Aurora theater shooting trial

    CENTENNIAL | The judge in the Aurora theater shooting trial on Thursday set out limits for what constitutes a medical excuse from serving as a juror in the high-profile trial. During the first eight days of jury selection, Judge Carlos Samour…

Election 2014

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    Hickenlooper talks fiscal challenges in State of the State

    DENVER | Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper told lawmakers Thursday that Colorado faces fiscal challenges in the coming years, but he stopped short of directing them to go to voters to allow the state to keep budget surpluses that must be refunded.…

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    PERRYBLOG: Mike Coffman wins the day and my respect for bucking GOP petty politics on immigration vote

    Aurora’s Congressman Mike Coffman kept a promise and bucked his party’s extremists fighting a petty political battle with President Barack Obama — at the expense of millions of innocent people. Coffman, a Republican, voted against a broad bill what seeks…

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    New Congress convenes with GOP in charge of both houses

    WASHINGTON | Republicans assumed full control of Congress on Tuesday for the first time in eight years in a day of pomp, circumstance and raw politics beneath the Capitol Dome. “We will get to work right away,” pledged House Majority Leader…

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    Oregon GMO labeling proponents concede defeat

    SALEM, Ore. | Proponents of an Oregon ballot measure requiring labels on genetically modified foods conceded defeat Thursday after a judge ruled against them and an automatic recount appeared unlikely to sway the outcome. The Yes on 92 campaign said there…


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    QUIDNUNC: Former Chief Dan is revealing his Oates in Florida

    QUID HAS HEARD that you can take the chief out of Aurora, but you can’t take the Aurora antics out of Dan Oates. Seems that this city’s former top cop, who has a special place in his heart for this…

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    PERRY: The stupidity of anti-vaccination parents are making us all sick. Time to fight back, Colorado

    If you aren’t smart enough to vaccinate your kids, allow me to stick that needle where the sun don’t shine. What was once a quirky curiosity among some Colorado residents — who, for no good reason, became leery of childhood…

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    JENSEN: Ted Cruz and climate change

    If this is the best liberals can do to disparage Ted Cruz, the Texas Senator has a great chance of being our next President. Adam Estes at fired off a salvo that simply begs a little asterisking.** Estes writes:…

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    REAGAN: The State of the Bubble Address

    I didn’t watch the State of the Union address Tuesday night. Instead I sat with my lovely wife, had a glass of wine and played with the dogs. But let me guess how it went. President Obama stood in front…

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    DUPUY: Choosing Weed Policy Over Cyber Security

    A cyber attack altered your holiday movie choices last year. Sony Pictures was the victim of a massive security breach. Personal emails were revealed, films pirated and employee data leaked. The corporation immediately kowtowed to the terrorists, rumored to be…


  • Sports

    Randolph’s double-double leads Grizzlies over Nuggets, 99-69 

    MEMPHIS, Tenn. | The Memphis Grizzlies are winning by bigger margins lately because they have returned to locking down on defense. “I just think we’ve got our rhythm back, and we’re going back to our true identity, which is on the…

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    NFL: ref inspected footballs properly in AFC title game

    PHOENIX | NFL officiating chief Dean Blandino says the inspection of the footballs by referee Walt Anderson before the AFC championship game was handled properly. Blandino also said Thursday the process of inspecting the balls and security surrounding the inspections will…

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    Carroll: Refs to use hand signal for ineligible receiver

    PHOENIX | Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said Thursday the referees will use hand signals to indicate clearly when normally eligible receivers check in the Super Bowl as ineligible, a technique the Patriots have used in the postseason. Carroll spoke about conversations…

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    Brady feels better, expects to be 100 percent for Super Bowl

    CHANDLER, Ariz. | Tom Brady expects his cold to be gone in time for the Super Bowl. The Patriots quarterback still sounded congested when he said Thursday, “I expect to be 100 percent on Sunday. I’ll be ready to go.” He…

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    NFL says reported concussions down 25 percent this season

    PHOENIX | The number of recorded concussions dropped 25 percent during the regular season, according to the NFL, even as injury reporting and trips to injured reserve list rose overall. Data released by the league Thursday shows there were 111 concussions…


  • Aurora Prep Sports

    Girls Swimming: Hinkley gets past Gateway to finish second to Rangeview at APS Championships

    AURORA | Rangeview’s reign of dominance continued at Saturday’s Aurora Public Schools Championship finals, but Hinkley’s surge into second place was historic during the 25th annual gathering between four district rivals. The Raiders won 10 of the 12 events contested…

  • Aurora Prep Sports

    Girls Swimming: 2015 Aurora Public Schools Championship results

    AURORA | Team scores and A and B final individual results from the 25th annual Aurora Public Schools Championship girls swim meet contested on Jan. 31, 2015, at Gateway High School: Courtney Oakes is Sports Editor of the Aurora Sentinel.…

  • Aurora Prep Sports

    Wrestling: 2015 Les Mattocks Invitational results

    DENVER | Team scores and individual placing match results for the 2015 Les Mattocks Invitational wrestling tournament held on Jan. 31, 2015, at Abraham Lincoln High School. Aurora teams and individuals bold and uppercased: Courtney Oakes is Sports Editor of…

  • Aurora Prep Sports

    Wrestling: 2015 Thornton Invitational results

    THORNTON | Team scores and placing match results from the 2015 Thornton Invitational wrestling tournament held on Jan. 31, 2015, at Thornton High School. Aurora teams and individuals bold and uppercased: 2015 THORNTON INVITATIONAL WRESTLING Team scores: 1. GRANDVIEW 197.5 points;…

  • Aurora Prep Sports

    Aurora prep sports scoreboard, Jan. 31

    BOYS BASKETBALL Denver North 54, Gateway 41 Score by quarters: Gateway      10    6  14  11 — 41 Den. North   8  13  21  12 — 54 (1) Regis Jesuit 57, Heritage 38 WRESTLING Brighton Invitational Team scores:…

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Colorado Table

  • Colorado Table

    You’ve pushed it off long enough! It’s time to master crepes 

    In honor of Mardi Gras, I decided to try a fresh take on a classic New Orleans dessert — bananas Foster. Bananas Foster is the luscious indulgence created at Brennan’s Restaurant in New Orleans during the 1950s. It’s hard to…

  • Colorado Table

    On Super Bowl Sunday, veggies are most popular food 

    CHICAGO | While the gladiators of the NFL are clashing in Phoenix at the Super Bowl, the titans of food will be fighting for supremacy at spreads across the country. Many parties will have chicken wings and pizza. But NPD Group,…

  • Colorado Table

    You know the scent, now learn to love the flavor of roses

    When it comes to romance, there can be no better floral answer than the rose. The bold red petals entice the eyes from across the room, while that intoxicating fragrance draws you closer… closer… just a little closer until you…

  • Colorado Table

    Pack in protein _ and save the budget _ with beans and rice

    When I was growing up, beans and rice were an end-of-month staple. As money got tight, my mom would whip up a beans and rice casserole, a healthy, budget-friendly choice that stretched our pantry a bit longer. Not that we…

  • Colorado Table

    Thirst for craft beer fuels large crop of hops

    YAKIMA, Wash. | A thirst for craft beer helped hop growers produce their largest crop of hops in five years. A new report from the Hop Growers of America also shows a 10 percent increase in acres harvested between 2013 and…

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