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    Massive Aurora Highlands proposal drills into complication

    If constructed, The Aurora Highlands would span 2,900 acres southeast of Denver International Airport near Interstate 70 and the E470 toll road. In later phases, the sprawling development would encompass nearly 5,000 acres and could one day be home to 23,000 families

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    Gaylord center closer to check-in time Closer

    Late last month Gaylord tapped one of their longtime hotel bosses to lead the massive hotel in northeast Aurora: Rick Medwedeff, general manager of the JW Marriott Marco Island Beach Resort in Florida, will helm the Aurora project when it opens sometime in late 2018 or early 2019. 

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    After US pushback, AT&T prepares to fight for Time Warner

    One key asset owned by Time Warner, CNN, could create problems for the U.S. and President Donald Trump, whose very public spat with the news network has raised suspicions that he might have interfered with the department's decision.

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    Colorado fines Uber $8.9M for nearly 60 problem drivers, one a prison escapee

    The Colorado Public Utilities Commission said Monday that it launched an investigation into the ride-hailing service last year after an Uber driver was accused of assaulting a passenger in Vail

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    Nebraska gives long-delayed Keystone XL pipeline new life

    "This decision opens up a whole new bag of issues that we can raise," said Ken Winston, an attorney representing environmental groups that have long opposed the project.

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    Future brewing for iconic English Tea Cup

    The store has been an Aurora icon for years, and owners hope to keep it that way at their new location. The plan is for the store to open by Nov. 11 and the kitchen to re-open sometime a few weeks after that


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    REVIEW: Goy meets girl — gets plenty of laughs

    “Beau Jest,” Cherry Creek Theatre’s current production, owes more to shows like “Three’s Company” than it does to Chekhov’s “Three Sisters.”

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    REVIEW: ‘Vegas’ gets three bars

    The Vintage has packed its main stage to the brim with enough talent that by the second number, the focus isn’t on the slapped-together look of the production but instead on the vocal and comedic talent the theater has brought in for this show

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    Women dominate American Music Awards, but not as nominees

    Here's a look at the top moments at the American Music Awards:

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    ‘France is a Feast’: Photo exhibit celebrates Julia Child

    "Julia and Paul loved France, especially Paris," said Pratt. She explained that the couple often took walks on weekends, and Paul would look for subjects that appealed to him, including architecture, rivers, fisherman, children and cats. Since Julia was 6 foot 2 (1.9 meters), she could help him take pictures by blocking the sun. Her role, as she told Pratt, often was that of a prop.

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    Craftivism: Melding of crafting, activism is having a moment

    "I found my voice. It makes me feel hopeful," said Haraden-Gorski, of Richmond, California, who also expresses her concerns by calling and emailing legislators. But "getting an automatic reply to an email or hearing a message that the legislator's voicemail is too full — that's not hopeful," she said.

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    AP PHOTOS: British royals to celebrate 70th anniversary

    Seven decades on, the couple who would become Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip — now 91 and 96, respectively — are still going strong, their marriage a bedrock in British public life amid a world of change.

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    102-year-old survivor reunites with newly discovered nephew

    "It makes me so happy that at least one remnant remains from my brother, and that is his son," said Pietruszka, tears welling in his eyes. "After so many years I have been granted the privilege to meet him."

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    POETRY EMOTION: Stories reflect Aurora victories

    That idea that a story can create a community is the idea behind Aurora Public Schools’ new project “A Story.” The goal of “A Story,” which is a joint venture between the APS Aurora AWARE project and Stories Without Borders, is to give a platform to the diverse student population in the district and help begin to fight the stereotype of what it means to be a student from Aurora

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    Lemon curd is essentially a preserve or condiment made with lemon juice, eggs, sugar and butter. The first three ingredients get blended and softly warmed so that the eggs thicken the mixture. Whisking in cold butter finishes it off and smoothes it out.

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    REVIEW: ‘Buyer and Cellar’ go for big laughs in the basement

    The play by Jonathan Tolins is a one-man show about Alex More, a struggling California actor fired from his Disneyland job, essentially for making children cry. Broke, he then lands a job working for a mystery woman in Malibu, who turns out to be Barbra Streisand

Colorado Table

  • Colorado Table

    Summit undergoes operation Salvage

    The goal is to make Salvage more laid back than the Summit was, without losing the things that made it great to begin with.

  • Colorado Table

    COOKING ON DEADLINE: Mashed Sweet Potatoes with Garlic

    In this recipe, I tested with an organic sweet potato with a very pale cream interior (kind of the color of Yukon golds). Next time I might look for orange sweet potatoes, since I am a sucker for the color and it makes a holiday table feel like a holiday table to me.

  • Colorado Table

    COLORADO TABLE: Aurora bites into the top of the Denver food chain

    “I want to be able to look up and hear about their meal. When I started here I didn’t know how important it would be for me to have that experience,” Caroline Glover said. “Most chefs don’t want to be out front, that’s why we’re in the back of the restaurant. So I was surprised by how much I enjoy those moments with customers.”

  • Colorado Table

    GARDENING: Good corn taste is in the genes

    Those good genes reside in the variety Golden Bantam

  • Colorado Table

    Taste of Ethiopia — another treat in the rich Aurora melting pot

    Entering its fifth year, the Taste of Ethiopia has become a major cultural event drawing in thousands of people to explore the food and culture that’s been imported by immigrants from the Horn of Africa. 

Aurora Magazine

  • Aurora Magazine

    Dolor Me Beige — HOA angst in Aurora

    In a world turned tan and kept that way by a growing number of homeowner associations, some are warning others off or making sure they read what they’re getting into before the notices start coming

  • Aurora Magazine

    Day Tripper: Sure Bets Close to Home

    Central City and Black Hawk offer plenty of games and gambling, but it’s the antithesis of the Las Vegas hype

  • Aurora Magazine

    Wein Not Get The Glow?

    Made famous by the germans, this european winter standard has a variation to please everyone

  • Aurora Magazine

    Give the Gift of COLORADO

    Nothing shows how much you care about someone during the holidays like rubbing it in their face that you live in one of the most incredible places in North America. So while it’s not exactly kosher to be tossing Colorado…

  • Aurora Magazine

    Date Knight: Alley Catz

    Nothing says love like a comfortable beer buzz and a friendly game of bowling for Answers

  • Aurora Magazine

    Exit Strategy: Weird Science and a Showing a Little Class

    At the root of it all? We don’t know what in the hell we’re talking about. In study after study, Americans and students fall further and further down the world list of kids who understand math and science. The crap I hear and read on social media and in person would depress even a third-grade science teacher, whose job it is to help us first learn to think and then learn to learn

  • Aurora Magazine

    All in the Family

    A growing number of pet owners, closer to their furry family members than ever before, are learning CPR for their pets from the American Red cross

  • Aurora Magazine

    Holidays and nights

    Recipes for the best Holiday season ever

  • Aurora Magazine

    OH! Christmas tree

    Branch out into a whole new holiday experience and go hack down your own tree in the mountains

  • Aurora Magazine

    Weight, Weight, Don’t Tell Me

    This holiday tradition doesn’t have to appear like cookies and milk on Christmas eve. A little planning and discipline goes a long ways.