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Colorado Table

  • Colorado Table

    Fava beans: They’re long overdue to make their mark in US

    Fava beans are plenty tasty all by themselves, tossed with a little olive oil or butter, or added to any recipe to which you might add peas or lima beans (Fava succotash, anyone?). They also pair up nicely with rice, grains, or couscous, as in this recipe.

  • Colorado Table

    Aurora, Denver metro brewers, distillers rally against possible retail initiative

    "Only the future will tell, but it could definitely put us in a precarious situation and, I think, a lot of breweries (as well)," said Tim Evon, head brewer at Dry Dock Brewing Company's South Dock in Aurora.

  • Colorado Table

    Beyond craft brews: Just like foodies, beer geeks go local

    "To me it's huge that I get talk to the guy who's brewing my beer," the middle school teacher said. "I love that."

  • Colorado Table

    Bourdain plants digital footprint as editor at food website

    "I became aware of the site pretty early on and was blown away by what I saw," he said during a recent telephone interview. "This is smart, deeply immersive long-form stuff. Beautiful photographs. It's not listicles. It's not top 10s. It's not click bait. It assumes a smart reader. It's a personal essay with a point of view about interesting and sometimes arcane aspects of faraway places. And I just really admire that."

  • Colorado Table

    New tech is changing the restaurant reservations game

    "The main issue is trying to manage risk, trying to incentivize patrons to keep their reservations," says Northwestern University microeconomic theorist Jeffrey Ely, noting that ticketing systems transfer all the risk to the diner. "These are things that have always been goals or needs of the restaurant market. The only reason they're now manifesting themselves is that the technology is there to make it possible."

Aurora Magazine

  • Aurora Magazine

    Hoop To It — Colorado’s Growing Centrifugal Force

    “It’s like if you screw up in life, pick it up like you meant to do that,” Rippinger says as she seamlessly whips the hoop from near her feet to her waist as if it’s completely weightless and just another appendage on her body.

  • Aurora Magazine

    Savor The Summer At These Aurora Area Dining Picks

    A short list of things you have to eat before you wonder where the summer went

  • Aurora Magazine

    Close Calls For The Best Summer Ever

    No need to dread those postcards from friends and family this summer bragging about pizza in Brooklyn or exhausting fun at SeaWorld. The best summer ever could be right at home. Here are five things you’ll be happy to boast about when the days get shorter and the vacation season is nothing but good memories.

  • Aurora Magazine

    EXIT STRATEGY: Road Hard and Getaway Sweat

    It turns out that we are genetically predisposed to hate car vacations with our families

  • Aurora Magazine

    Q&A: The Woman Riding Herd Over Broncos’ Thunder

    It’s a sunny March day outside the sleepy town of Bennett, a blissfully small burg about 40 minutes east of the chaos of Aurora. The town boasts a car wash built for one and a chihuahua that looks both ways…